In computing, a cache is a component of software or hardware that stores the data for future data requests which can be a faster spread; Data stored in a cache can be the result of a previous calculation, or duplicate data stored elsewhere. A problem occurs when caching the requested data may be found in a cache, while a cache error occurs when it can not. The result cache is served by reading the data from the cache, which is faster than recalculating a result or reading a slower data file; Therefore, more applications can be served from the cache, the more the system is running.

To be profitable and to allow effective use of data, the caches should be relatively low. However, caches have been demonstrated in many areas of computing because access patterns in typical computer applications have the locality of reference. In addition, access templates exhibit temporary locale if it is new already requested data, while spatial location refers to physically stored near requests for data data that have already been requested.