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How to increase the RAM of your PC?

Nowadays, technology is constantly evolving, new software and updates to old versions appear every day. The operating systems become more complete and receive new updates every month. All of this affects the performance of your personal computer which may soon run out of system memory (RAM). What you can do, however, is increase the PC’s RAM, as personal computers are extremely expandable in this regard.

Increasing the PC’s RAM can be especially useful when older operating systems no longer receive updates because they are now obsolete. In these cases, you switch to the most recent operating system. From there, expanding the computer’s RAM memory can be helpful. This will allow the new operating system to have enough RAM to be installed and function properly.  

Let’s see how to increase the RAM of a desktop computer.

What do you need to increase the RAM of a PC?

To increase your PC’s RAM, you need a memory bank that is compatible with your motherboard, with the CPU, and with the RAM memory already present inside. You can do this in two ways. If your PC is a personal computer made by HP, Dell, etc. channel install it.

You do not know how what kind of RAM to buy? Need to expand your Ram memory and don’t really know your stuff? Go to and call a home computer technician to assist you!

Otherwise, if your personal computer is assembled, or if it is a gamer pc that is also assembled, you can proceed in another way. It is worth extracting one of the banks of RAM memory present in the computer, above the memory there will be a label indicating the brand and characteristics of the memory itself. Buy one with the same characteristics or try to get one from the same brand.

Some very good brands of RAM like Sandisk, Samsung or A-Data are easily found online!

The most important characteristics of a RAM are, the latency generally indicated by writing CL + a number, for example CL9, the frequency expressed in Mhz, the type DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 and the size in GB, 2GB, 4GB etc… Once you have in your possession the correct memory bank, you can start the installation and increase the RAM of the PC.

Prepare to increase RAM on your PC

RAM memories are unfortunately one of the components that are easily affected by electrostatic discharges. Therefore, for safe mounting, you should use an antistatic wrist strap or often touch a surface that allows you to discharge the electrostatics, such as a radiator for example.

Open the computer case to increase the PC RAM

To increase RAM, you need to open the personal computer and then disconnect all USB, VGA, power, etc. cables. and if the power supply has an on / off switch, turn it off. Then press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds, it will discharge all the residual voltage inside the electronic components of the motherboard. Place the personal computer on a table and open the right cabinet door by unscrewing the screws that hold it closed.

Install the RAM bank

Once the cabinet is open, you need to locate the RAM memory slots on the motherboard and insert the memory into the appropriate slot. The RAM memories are fixed on the motherboard by means of two sockets placed at the two ends of the slot, so you must first open the two sockets, insert the RAM and with the pressure exerted to insert it into the slot, the block sockets close, you can also close them manually but checking that the RAM is inserted correctly.

The double power of Dual Channel

Many motherboards today offer the possibility of configuring their RAM to take advantage of 2 channels instead of just one. This way, the RAM banks will work in pairs, thus optimizing performance. In this case, the pairs of memories must be perfectly identical. To configure two banks of Dual Channel RAM, just follow the coloring of the memory slots on the motherboard, you will notice that the slots will have two different colors alternating, for example: slot1 yellow, slot2 orange and slot3 orange3 slot4 orange.

To configure Dual Channel memories, you must occupy the slots of the same color. So, if you have 2 banks of RAM memories and you want to install them in dual channel mode, you have to insert them in slots 1 and 3 which are both yellow.

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